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Ministry of Justice
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Code of Ethics of Polish Mediators


The goals for creating the Code of Ethics are to promote the highest ethical standards among Polish mediators and to build the credibility of the mediation profession among the parties to mediation and the public, as well as to help mediators to solve problems arising from their practice.


Because mediators have to deal with important, difficult, and sometimes very sensitive issues, they have an important responsibility not to lose the trust of the parties.


Because of the flexible and informal nature of the mediation process, the Code of Ethics does not intend to limit the freedom and creativity of mediators. The Code sets general standards; however, it recognizes the specifics of mediation in different fields.  The Board encourages all mediation organizations specializing in different types of mediation to reflect on the specific practice of mediation by its members, and if such a need exists, to create regulations taking into account the specifics of different types of mediation. 


The Code of Ethics of Polish Mediators is strictly based upon the Standards of Conduct for Mediators adopted by the ADR Board in  June  of 2006. The Code develops and completes the Standards by adding ethical dimensions for the mediation profession. Ethical values, being the roots of the mediation profession, are the basis of the Code. Mediators help the parties to solve their conflicts and cannot use any form of coercion or manipulation. In their work, mediators are to apply honesty, fairness, impartiality and assure the consistency of the proceedings with mediation rules.


The Code does not replace the law. Mediators should know and strictly abide by the laws, particularly those which concern mediation.


The Board encourages all inpidual mediators, as well as mediation centers and other organizations of mediators to voluntarily adopt, apply, and encourage its members to follow the Code. The Board will inform the public of  all those who decide to use the Code in their mediation practice.


  1. A mediator shall conduct the mediation based on the self-autonomy and independence of the parties.
  2. A mediator in his/her conduct shall primarily keep in mind the welfare and interest of the parties.
  3. A mediator shall ensure the voluntariness of the process of mediation.
  4. A mediator shall ensure that all parties to mediation know and understand the concepts of mediation, the role of the mediator, and the conditions of the prospective agreement.
  5. A mediator should not attempt to help the parties to resolve their conflict, if he/she is not convinced about his/her competence, which will allow him/her to conduct the process fairly.
  6. A mediator shall refrain from conducting the mediation, if he/she may not be impartial or he/she has doubts about his/her impartiality.
  7. A mediator should maintain the confidentiality of the mediation before the formal process starts, during the conduct of the mediation, and after the mediation is concluded.
  8. A mediator shall avoid any possible conflict of interests with the parties and immediately resolve any doubts about a possible conflict.
  9. A mediator shall not accept any form of compensation from the parties except the agreed fee. He/she also should not profit by directing the parties to other experts.
  10. A mediator in his/her promotional and advertising activities shall not misguide the parties and the public about his/her qualifications, competency, experience, scope of activity and fees.
  11. A mediator shall give the parties clear and unambiguous information about his/her fees and any additional costs of mediation.
  12. A mediator shall continuously improve his/her professional abilities in order to serve mediation participants in the best possible way.
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