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Ministry of Justice
Al. Ujazdowskie 11
00-950 Warsaw
phone: (22) 52 12 888


General information on the Sex Offenders Register

The Sex Offenders Register consists of the Public Register and the Restricted Access Register. Access to the Public Register is unlimited. Just go to: <>.

Obtaining information from the Restricted Access Register requires:

1. creating  an account on the Restricted Access Register website <> by

     a) choosing the appropriate account:

          individual user account

          institutional user account

     b) filling out the appropriate registration form.

The individual user account is activated immediately after submitting the form.

The institutional user account is activated after submitting the form and after sending a written notification to the Ministry of Justice postal address. Detailed information can be found on the homepage of the Sex Offenders Register in the Help tab.

2. Generating a request and signing it  with a qualified electronic signature or signature confirmed by an ePUAP Trusted Profile (Profil Zaufany).

There is no fee for providing information from the Sex Offenders Register.


In accordance with Article 21 of the Act of 13th of May 2016 on Counteracting the Threats of Sexual Crime (Journal of Laws, No. 862, as amended), an employer or organiser of activities related to upbringing, education, recreation, treatment or childcare (eg the winter holiday trips, farm tourism, riding camps) is obliged to check  whether data of future employee or of person admitted to activity are collected in The Restricted Access Register.

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